About Us

Velotrac was founded by a couple of small town friends, who together have over 15 years of experience in the Design and Engineering market. Together with our passion for cycling and the technology industry, it would be just a matter of time before our idea came to life and would be available to our cycling community. With many months of brainstorming, ideas being passed back and forth, and many sketches and technical data later, Velotrac was born.
We knew there was a desperate need in the market for a product that would allow a cyclist to use a mobile device and take advantage of the fitness achievements through our state-of-the-art iApp and our one and only Velotrac pak.  We realized after dropping our own phones, damaging them, and replacing them; that enough was enough! 
Out of our own experience and inspiration, it lead us to look at the way things are and imagine where they can be. This lead us to develop groundbreaking technologies and inspire new product ideas. We want to affect the cycling lives around the world and give them their own community. Our philosophy is to have everyone be a part of everything we do. Our iApp features will let us be this community that can test our fitness limits.
From day one, we were driven to make an impact and a continuing commitment to you. Our focus goes beyond making just any great product. This is why Velotrac will be 100% dedicated to bring our cyclist enthusiasts an affordable, highly innovative product that is manufactured with style and quality.