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Top #1 iPhone Bike Mount: The Velotrac Pak & i-App Sets a New Standard   The Velotrac "iPhone Bike Mount" - Pak and i-App is a hybrid of sophisticated and awe inspiring design with developed, powerful functionality. iPhone Bike Mount / Droid Bike Mount.  

The Velotrac iApp The velotrac app gives uses the iPhone's built in GPS to compute the user's speed, distance traveled, average speed, and peak speed attained during the trip. Additionally, the app displays the user's position on a google maps window.

Velotrac Bike Pak The Velotrac Pak is an ergonomically designed bike pack that enables a cyclist to interact with a media mobile device.  

The Velotrac Pak The Velotrac pak offers ease of use Touch Screen display, visual and audio interaction, along with a vibration and water resistant construction. Designed in the USA.    

Velotrac Pak Compatibility These are just a few of the Smartphone devices on the global market that are compatible with the Velotrac Bike Pak. The Velotrac pak is ready for the new iPhone (5S & 5C).    

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